2013 Candidate Survey Responses

Here are the 2013 Livable Neighborhoods Candidate Survey Responses for the City of La Crosse received to date. They are posted as received without any changes or editing. We thank each candidate for their willing to serve and for answering our survey.

Note: A name without a link indicate the candidate did not return the survey.

Mayor:  Doug Farmer     Tim Kabat

1st District:  Andrea Richmond

2nd District: Dempsey E. Miller III      Scott Neumeister

3rd District: Nic Breidel     Ryan Cornett

4th District:  Jai Johnson

5th District:  Tom Chartrand     Katherine M. Svitavsky

6th District:  David Krump     Jessica Olson

7th District:  Tom Cherf

8th District:  Bob Seaquist

10th District:  Richard Becker     Peg Jerome

Updated March 26, 2013

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