2017 Candidate Survey Responses

Here is the 2017 Livable Neighborhoods Candidate Survey (2017Survey.doc) for the City of La Crosse Spring Election, Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

The survey responses below are posted as received from the candidates without any changes or editing. We thank each candidate for their willing to serve and for answering our survey.

The 2017 Spring Election brings many changes, including the reduction of the Council Members from 17 to 13 with the districts coterminous with the County Supervisor Districts. Also, all 13 Districts along with the Mayor are up for election rather than just half of the Common Council.

Notes: (I) Incumbent
A name without a link indicates the candidate has not yet returned the survey or it has yet to be posted. We will post surveys as quickly as possible upon receipt.

Timothy Kabat (I) 2819 Quarry Pl 608-784-9327

City Clerk (NOTE: We did not develop a survey for this position)
Teri Lehrke (I) 1608 30th St S 608-317-9100
Audrey Kader 715 7th St S 608-784-3817

Council Member – Dist 1
Andrea Richmond (I) 1312 Cunningham St 608-781-4174

Council Member – Dist 2
Ryan Cornett (I) 920 Wall St 608-343-8048
(Note: Ryan Cornett resigned the current seat effective February 9, 2017 due to his accepting a new position.)

The following have publicly declared write-in campaigns:
Christopher Flach, 610 Harvey St 608-217-8632
Josh Navrestad, 726 Liberty St
Scott Neumesiter, 1521 Wood St

Council Member – Dist 3
Jai Johnson (I) 928 Island St 608-397-1007
Barbara A Janssen 762 22nd St N 608-317-4311

Council Member – Dist 4
Bob Seaquist (I) 202 Zephyr Cir 608-796-1992
David D Marshall 944 Milson Ct 608-797-7820

Council Member – Dist 5
Patrick B Brever 1824 La Crosse St, Rm 111C 414-688-9230

Council Member – Dist 6
James T Cherf (I) 511 Main St 608-785-2637
Jacqueline Marcou 208 9th St S 608-433-5119

Council Member – Dist 7
Gary W Padesky (I) 825 20th St S 608-782-5082
Nicholas J Dutton 428 22nd St S 608-769-9939

Council Member – Dist 8
Jeff Bagniefski 805 West Ave S 608-799-7144
Jessica L Olson 1219 Madison St 608-769-7366

Council Member – Dist 9
Phillip A Ostrem (I) 1104 6th St S 608-519-2038

Council Member – Dist 10 (Note: The change in district boundaries resulted in two incumbents in the same district)
Richard P Becker (I) 2121 Denton St 608-782-5916
Paul Medinger (I) 2124 22nd St S 608-769-9895

Council Member – Dist 11
Martin E Gaul (I) 3378 East Ave S 608-790-2543

Council Member – Dist 12
Douglas Happel (I) 3103 31st St S 608-788-1185

Council Member – Dist 13
Roger E Christians 4905 Silver Morning Ln 608-788-2838

For more information on the 2017 Spring Election, including information on the new districts, registration, absentee voting, early voting and polling locations, please visit the City of La Crosse Elections Page.

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