2017 Candidate Survey Responses

Livable Neighborhoods is a non-profit citizen’s advocacy group established in 1996. Our purpose is to improve and promote the livability of all neighborhoods in the La Crosse area. We encourage citizens to research and discuss important issues in our community, including the positions on those issues by candidates for elected offices.

Livable Neighborhoods was one of the grassroots organizations to call for the binding referendum in 1998 in opposition to the proposed 5B-1 N-S Corridor through the marsh and our neighborhoods. The voters rejected the proposed 5B-1 by 11,951 to 7,076.

We continue to support the City of La Crosse Comprehensive Plan, the neighborhood plans and the City Transportation Vision that do not include any calls for any new N-S road through the marsh or the neighborhoods. We prefer to see other improvements besides adding a new road or expanding existing roads, as well as changes to the current transportation paradigm where over 95% of the commuters 16 years of age and older rely on single occupant vehicles (SOVs) for their daily commutes.

Our Board of Directors developed a Candidate Survey to help La Crosse residents learn more about the candidates for Mayor and Common Council. We have invited each candidate to complete our survey.

The responses are being made available at www.livable-neighborhoods.org/2017-candidate-surveys/. Their answers will be posted as submitted without summary, editing or comment.

Please be sure to vote on Tuesday, April 4th!

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