Livable Neighborhoods hosts discussion on a Community Development Corp

Residents and officials on a recent Walking Tour of the Powell-Hood Hamilton Neighborhood discuss a recent change to an owner occupied home in partnership with Gundersen-Lutheran

You’re Invited to Join the Discussion!

Community Development Corporation

 Friday, June 1st @ Noon

Southside Community Center

1300 6th St S

Sandwiches and Beverages Provided

 The Joint City-County of La Crosse Housing Task Force made a number of recommendations in their January 2012 report, including formation of a “Private Equity Group” to partner with private sources of capital to help improve our communities.

Livable Neighborhoods is organizing a meeting for the purpose of discussing how best to make this recommendation a reality in 2012.

Many communities have a Community Development Corporation (CDC) to advocate for and invest in improvements in housing and neighborhood businesses. This CDC(s) is in addition to Business Development Corporations (BDCs) such as LADCO in La Crosse that advocate for and invest in improvements in commercial and/or industrial properties.

A CDC is typically a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that educates the people on the importance of investing in our neighborhoods. A CDC can be as general or as specific in focus as the organizers determine is best for their community and is really only limited by the available resources to educate and invest.

Our recommendations for a CDC as a starting point for the discussion are:

  • Form a new CDC rather than add another purpose to an existing organization to avoid any dilution of focus
  • The new CDC should focus on those areas that are the most stressed, which would be the three neighborhoods identified by the Task Force, but should not be limited to just these neighborhoods or just the City of La Crosse
  • The new CDC should focus on developing new housing as well as renovating existing housing, including both owner occupied and rental housing
  • The new CDC should include developing and renovating neighborhood businesses and institutions, especially those that may enhance the livability of a neighborhood as well as the entire community
  • The CDC should also support historical, cultural and natural preservation as well as environmental sustainability
  • The new CDC should work with existing government and non-government organizations (NGOs) and avoid duplication of efforts

Please join us and share your visions and ideas on how best to fulfill this need in our community. If you know of someone that would be interested or have something to offer to this discussion, please share.

For more information contact Charley Weeth 608-784-3212

Please reply by Wednesday, May 30th