Livable Neighborhoods Endorses Mitch Reynolds for Mayor – 2021

Livable Neighborhoods (LN) was formed in 1996 to oppose a massive new road through the heart of La Crosse. The ‘North-South Corridor’ would have run from Hwy 157 in Onalaska through the La Crosse River Marsh, destroying many acres of wetlands.

After cutting away half of Indian Hill to make a giant overpass, it would have connected to 6th and 7th Streets, making them a one-way pair from La Crosse Street to South Avenue. Dozens of homes and businesses would have been demolished. The negative impacts far outweighed the benefits and voters overwhelmingly rejected the plan by referendum in 1998.

This decision was reaffirmed last year with a council resolution proposed by Mayor Tim Kabat and approved unanimously. In fact, no mayoral candidate since 1998 has supported the North-South Corridor. Until now. One candidate has refused to distance herself from this proposal and supports that it continue to be enumerated in the DOT budget as a kind of ‘placeholder’ for other La Crosse projects. But state law does not allow this kind of switch. Only the North-South corridor, as proposed, is on the table.

Although the referendum was over 20 years ago, the plan that was voted down has not changed. And it is still a bad plan. La Crosse mayors should continue to oppose it.

Therefore, the LN board — also Charley Weeth, Dave Morrison, Al Schulz, Joanne Neve, and Jay Fernholz — urges voters to cast their ballots for Mitch Reynolds. And in office that he advocate for La Crosse’s fair share of resources for maintenance of our current roadways.

Endorsement of Mitch Reynolds for Mayor